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September 19-25, 2015


Fargo may be known for the movie

RedBall Marseille by Kurt Perschke, presented by Lieux Publics

We are thrilled to be chosen by Pierre Sauvageot, Artistic Director of Lieux Publics the French National Center for Creation in Public Space, to be part of this years Travellings Festival in Marseille, and to lead into the IN SITU gathering of European artists and curators September 25-27th. If your around that weekend check out our friends X/tnt as they test the code de la déconduite on the streets of Marseille. We have some amazing sites planned, starting with our seaside launch at the top of the MuCEM.

Performance Locations & Map Links

September 19: MuCEM | 11am – 7pm | European Heritage Day | #JEP2015
September 20: Palais Longchamp | 12pm – 7pm
September 21: Place Sadi Carnot | 12pm – 7pm
September 22: Place Bargemon | 12pm – 7pm
September 23: Place des Pistoles, Panier | 12pm – 7pm
September 24: Rue Vian, La Plaine | 12pm – 7pm
September 25: Bougainville Metro Station | 12pm – 7pm

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