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The Red Ball That Bounced Through Toledo (in 2015) Is on the Move Again

October 4, 2018

Fargo, N.D. – Led by Minnesota State University Moorhead, Plains Art Museum, and many sponsors, Fargo and Moorhead are hosting The RedBall Project, a critically acclaimed and provocative work by artist Kurt Perschke. The RedBall has traveled to 31 major cities around the world, including Paris, Montréal, Abu Dhabi, Taipei, and Chicago…. and now Fargo! 

The RedBall Project is a simple act of imagination. For one week only the artist will bring the 15’ RedBall to a new location each day – squished between buildings, on bridges, and bursting from alleys. What The RedBall does, is anything but simple. It draws attention to locations in our environment, resonates in our memories, breaks our daily routines, and challenges us to reimagine our own spaces. It also pushes the boundaries of what public art can be – where the location, function, and creative process are more important the meaning of the object itself. 

People can experience The RedBall Project in Fargo and Moorhead between October 4th and October 10th, from approximately 11am – 6pm each day in the following locations: 

Thursday, October 4th: Plains Art Museum, Fargo, 7th Street entrance

Friday, October 5th: Minnesota State University Moorhead, Moorhead, 11th Street entrance

Saturday, October 6th: Great Northern Bicycle Company, Fargo, Broadway entrance

Sunday, October 7th: Lindenwood-Gooseberry Park Pedestrian Bridge

Monday, October 8th: Fargo Parks & Rec Office, Fargo, near Main Avenue entrance

Tuesday, October 9th: Rourke Art Gallery + Museum: Moorhead, Main Avenue entrance

Wednesday, October 10th: Fargo Theatre, Fargo, Broadway entrance 


The RedBall Project is brought to Fargo and Moorhead thanks to support from the Fargo Arts & Culture Commission, Minnesota State University Moorhead, Plains Art Museum, Fargo Parks District, Insight to Action/Carol Schlossman Consulting, Fargo-Moorhead Convention & Visitors Bureau, and other supportive partners. For more information, visit  



Andrew J. Maus, Director & CEO, Plains Art Museum, 701.551.6123,

Brad Bachmeier, Professor of Art Education, Minnesota State University Moorhead, 218.477.5989, 

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